The Children's Aid Home Programs of Somerset County, Inc.

Somerset Area Options Program

Somerset Area School District has contracted with The Children’s Aid Home to provide the Somerset Area Options Program to the school district’s students. The Somerset Area Options Program will provide academic instruction and behavioral counseling to the students placed in this program. The students that participate in this program will be identified by the school district. Each student will receive academic instruction and will be assigned a counselor. Counseling services will address behaviors that are problematic in the public school setting to assist the student to eventually return to public school. Behavior management plans are developed for each individual student. These plans are regularly reviewed by the staff with the student, their parents and the school to assess the progress towards meeting the goals of the plan. Our staff works collaboratively with the school to assist the students so they can successfully return to public school.

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Contact Information

For Somerset Area Options Program Information
- Ellen Forney, Program Director

Phone: (814) 443-2009
Fax: (814) 445-8481

Mr. Tom Minnick
Assistant Middle/Senior High School Principal at Somerset Area School District
Phone: (814) 443-2831

The Children's Aid Home Programs of Somerset County, Inc.